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Travel Ijen Crater (Blue Fire) Banyuwangi

Travel Ijen Crater (Blue Fire) Banyuwangi

It can not be denied again, the charm of Ijen crater is the largest lake island of Java is indeed becoming one of the tours that you must visit when you stop at the town of Banyuwangi. Terasam a crater lake in the world is located at an altitude of approximately 2.387m above sea level. With a depth of 200m and elliptical crater measuring about 965 x 630m containing approximately 35 million cubic meters of acidic water.

Various kinds and colors can you jumapi brimstone when you are in the Ijen crater. Not a few people refer to as the Ijen crater brimstone tour which is a very beautiful, should scenery on a mountain top in general, you can see the stretch of scenery towards the straits of Bali. Also the mountain range located around the Ijen crater. You can also find Edelweis beautiful flowers in June to September.

 Wisata Kawah Ijen (Blue Fire) Banyuwangi Most of those who climb the objective is blue fire. What's that blue fire? like blue fire in his own name taken from the word '' blue '' meaning blue and the '' fire '' which means fire, and therefore we can conclude blue fire is blue flame. Many researchers from abroad who come to banyuwangi only to see the beauty of this blue fire and made it the object of study that sanggat rare in the world. Blue fire itself occurred because of a tinge of liquid sulfur from the crater of Ijen. To watch the blue fire you have to climb at least 01.30 from heading Paltuding
Not only that charm Ijen crater, incredibly rare when you watch the amount of sulfur miners who turns up and down the slopes of the crater. Hundreds of miners rock stone sulfur sulfur bring yellowish. With the assistance of tools such as baskets made of bamboo and carry the sulfur miners climbed the slopes of the crater of Ijen with perlahan.berdasarkan several sources burden on miners bear itself around 90kg - 130kg. one of the sights that occurs naturally in the crater of Ijen every day.
The road to the area Ijen crater itself is fairly good because the roads are already in fix local government, to issue property, you will not be bothered to bring lunch because Paltuding there are many stalls selling your needs in the ascent to the crater of Ijen, the inn is also available there as well as the area campsites are widely available there, making it easier for you to take a moment to rest heading into Ijen crater area.
How ? interested in visiting Ijen crater with an abundance of natural tropical paradise?
Come stop by to Banyuwangi!



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