Tuesday, 8 September 2015



Banyuwangi Regency which is located at the eastern tip of Java island. On the north, Banyuwangi Regency of Situbondo, while the east bordering the straits of Bali and south borders primarily to the Indian Ocean.Banyuwangi is geographically located at coordinates 7'45'15' 80th 43'2 'east longitude. The position makes Banyuwangi has a diversity of beautiful natural scenery, the wealth of art and culture and indigenous traditions.Beautiful scenery and fascinating stretches from the north to the south, and west to the east region. Expanse of mountains, forests and beaches providing a different pattern on each region. In the north there is the crater of Ijen which has a beautiful lake that is second to none in the world. South beside, served the wonders of the national park with a beach mat purwo Plengkung (G-Land) high undulating into a surfer's paradise of the world, equipped with natural virgin forest and wildlife whose habitat is endangered.No less interesting with the tour in the southern district of Banyuwangi is, Merubetiri National Park. Here is the original habitat of the Javan tiger which is the only one in the world. In addition, merubetiri as well as the largest turtle breeding in Indonesia.Three sites is central to the development of tourism in Banyuwangi region called the "TRIANGLE DIAMOND" or "TRIANGLE DIAMOND".Keanegaragaman Banyuwangi also rich in art and culture, traditions and customs. One of the unique art that is already known is Banyuwangi Dance gandrung, a typical dance that used to welcome the guests, this dance mascot Banyuwangi tourism. Some typical art Banyuwangi, among others: Seblang, Kuntulan, Damarwulan, Barong, Angklung, Kendang Kempul, unique art Jaranan and other areas.Do not miss the traditional customs in Banyuwangi which every year is always carried by people Banyuwangi: Pick Sea, picking (picking rice and coffee), Rebo Wekasan, Kebo-keboan, ruwatan, Tumplek Punjen, Gredoan, endhog-endhogan and many more custom tradition in Banyuwangi.Local craft and food typical home industry results are also a lot of local residents encounter in Banyuwangi, such as: handicraft batik, woven bamboo, coconut shell crafts and more crafts typical of Banyuwangi."Osing" is Native Banyuwangi and has its own culture and language. Banyuwangi side by side in some tribes, among others: Java, Madura, Bali and Banjar. Java tribe became majority Banyuwangi.Banyuwangi city chic, with a variety of tourist attractions exotic tropical, you are obliged to witness the beauty of Banyuwangi.


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