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That said, the ancient region of the eastern tip of the island of Java, which is so beautiful lamnya is led by a king named King Sulahkromo. In carrying pemerintahanya, the king assisted by a governor brave, wise and handsome named patih Sidopekso. Sidopekso duke's wife named Sritanjung very good-looking, and soft-spoken, so that makes him king crazy. In order to achieve the desire of the king to persuade and seduce Sritanjung, with a cunning sense the king ordered the duke sidopekso to perform tasks that can not be achieved by ordinary people. Firmly and courageously, without suspicion, the duke set out to execute the king's command.Sepeninggalan patih sidopekso, prabu Sulahkromo trying to seduce, even memfirnah Sidopekso, with all its deception. But the king only love unrequited, because Sritanjung remain faithful as a wife who always prayed for her husband.The heart of the king was smoldering fire burned jealous and angry, after his love rejected by Sritanjung. Setela back from mission duties, patih Sidopekso directly to the king. Rotten sense the king appeared, his wife slander patih Sidopekso by telling me that after the death of the duke while running the king's command, Sritanjung come and seduce, then had an affair with the king.Apparently, the duke Sidopekso affected the story of the king. The duke immediately met Sritanjung in fury and accusations beralasa. Sritanjung honest recognition not shake the hearts patih Sidopekso is already hot burning anger. Even the duke were unable to stem his emotions threatened to kill the loyal wife.Sritanjung dragged to the riverside slum and murky. But before patih Sidopekso kill Sritanjung, no final demand as proof of his honesty and purity, and faithfulness. Sritanjung willing to be killed, but he asked for his body plunged into the murky river. If blood makes the river water fetid means he has violated loyalty. But if the river water fragrant mean he's innocent.After Sritanjung convey his final message, Patih Sidopekso which has been in the anger rasuki ketubuh Sritanjung immediately drew his sword and threw his body into the river mouth and the turbid. Moments after Sritanjung bodies into the river, suddenly dirty river water and turbid tersbut transformed into clear and aromatic / fragrant.Sidopekso Patih legend of the brave and his wife Sritanjung that finally appears the name "BANYUWANGI" which means: Banyu = Water, and Fragrant = Harum 


Based on historical data Blambangan, dated December 18, 1771 is the most historic events defined as the anniversary of Banyuwangi. When that happens Puputan Bayu War peak events. Actually there are other events that preceded it, which is also the heroic-patriotic, namely: Event Blambangan attack fighters under the leadership of Prince Puger (Wong Putra Agung Wilis) to Fort VOC in Banyualit in the year 1768. I however, these events are not recorded in full teradinya ,Based on historical data, Banyuwangi name is inseparable with Blambangan kingdom. Since the days of Tawang Alun prince (1655-1691) and the prince Danuningrat (1736-1763), even when Blambangan is under the protection of Bali (1763-1767), the VOC had never been attracted to enter and manage Blambangan. Well, in 1743, the eastern part of Java (including Blambangan) submitted by Pakubuwono II to the VOC. At that time, the VOC had felt Blambangan be his. However, for the time being is still allowed as property, and will be administered at any time when it is needed. Even when Danuningrat VOC asking for help to escape from Bali, VOC is still interested to see Blambangan, which at that time called Tirtaganda, Tirtaarum or Tuyoarum.At that time, the VOC immediately move to immediately seize and secure the entire Blambangan Banyuwangi. In general, by the war for 5 years, in the year 1767 to 1772, the VOC did try to seize the entire Blambangan. But specifically, the actual VOC compelled to immediately seize Banyuwangi, the time it began to develop into a center of trade in Blambangan, who have mastered English.Thus, it is clear that the birth of a place, which was then known by the name of Banyuwangi, has been the case of the sale of the devastating war, a war Puputan Bayu. If English is not entrenched in Banyuwangi in 1766, may VOC will not rush to expansion into Blmbangan in 1767. And because of that, the peak wind blowing war occurred on December 18, 1771. Thus, there is a close relationship between war bellows wind with the birth of a place called Banyuwangi. In other words, war Puputan Bayu is part of the process of the birth of Banyuwangi.Thus, the determination of the date of December 18, 1771 as the anniversary of Banyuwangi based on historical facts are.


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