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Grajagan Beach Tourism Banyuwangi

Grajagan Beach Tourism Banyuwangi

pantai grajagan Banyuwangi Being on the beach Grajagan approximately 35 km to the south of the city of Banyuwangi precisely in the Village Grajagan, District Purwoharjo, Banyuwangi, a very beautiful beach and away from the hustle of the city, many become one of the tourists who stop to Banyuwangi. Many who will meet you in the beach area of approximately 315 hectares. 

The caves were made in defense of Japan became one of the objects sought for tourists as well as the charm of the hills that we climbed present a stretch of clean and spacious and high hills on the waterfront. When you leave in the morning, you will find aktivtas farmers who are sailing in the ocean for advertising. The place is known as fishermen is very suitable for family recreation or with your krabat.

Come stop by to Banyuwangi!

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